Contemporary Philippine Music

A study group on Philippine popular music culture was recently supported by the Japan Foundation Manila by way of the dissemination of the group’s current research on contemporary Philippine music in the Art Archive 03. This issue came with a section devoted to contemporary design. The music section, edited by Dr. Jose S. Buenconsejo, was guided by the advocacy for social inclusion and thus it contained scholarly essays on topics that are less emphasised in the academy. This was launched on September 30 2020, a video documentation of which is in the youtube link below. The complete journal issue can be downloaded as a PDF link for free as a “public good.”. The content of the music section is as follows.

MUSIC EDITOR’S NOTE • INSIGHT: Why Music Matters to the Communities by José S. Buenconsejo, PhD • RECONTEXTUALIZING OPM IN THE 21st CENTURY by Krina Cayabyab • BEYOND MUSIC AND SOUND ART by Agnes Manalo • VARIETIES OF CONTEMPORARY FILIPINO SONG MASHUPS (1970s TO PRESENT)  by José S. Buenconsejo, PhD • PINOYS AND BATTLE RAP: Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo by Lara Katrina T. Mendoza, PhD • SITUATING MUSIC IN THE CONTEXT OF RECENT TRENDS IN ORIGINAL PHILIPPINE MUSICAL THEATER PRODUCTIONS by Aileen dela Cruz • POWERFUL MOVE: The Influence of Budots in Philippine Society by Desiree Peralejo • MUSIC FESTIVALS IN THE PHILIPPINES: Tropicality, Identity, Cosmopolitanism by Tusa Montes

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Youtube    [MUSIC]



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