The Creative Team Behind Music Cultural Flows

Crisancti Lucena Macazo, PhD is an amateur filmmaker and photographer, violinist, educator, vlogger, and an independent scholar. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Music degree from the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 2020 with the dissertation titled, “Music and Image: The Soundtrack of Manuel Conde’s Extant Films, 1941–1958.” His dissertation’s central thesis is on the narrative capability of music in films. Among his works in filmmaking include, Buhayin! Ang Musika sa Talambuhay ng Tao (Let Live! Music in the Biography of a Person) where he did the art directing, editing and music scoring (written and directed by JS Buenconsejo, 2022). His latest project is the fine editing of both color and sound of the documentary film Si Tokan: Ang Manggagawa ng Kulintang ng Maguindanao Ilaya (Tokan, the Kulintang Maker of Upriver Maguindanao), directed by JS Buenconsejo, 2022.  Dr Macazo also directed, edited, and scored a short film by Christine Marie Magpile, My Mother’s a Frontliner (2021).

Rajji Marren I. Lunas is an Associate degree holder in Computer Technology from the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Cubao. He has done camera work for the short film Buhayin! Ang Musika sa Talambuhay ng Tao (2021) and Si Tokan: Ang Manggagawa ng Kulintang sa Maguindanao Ilaya (2022). 

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