Rationale for Abelardo Hall Concerts

An invitation to experience music communally in the city…

Away from the noisy streets of Manila, the Abelardo Hall Concerts provide a sanctuary for contemplating on the range of human expressiveness that music offers.  In our hall, life becomes worthy of living as this gets reflected in the art of music that is performed live by artist-teachers and outstanding students from the UP College of Music.  The pleasure of hearing good music from real performers –bonded to or who commune with listeners in concrete times and spaces—is priceless.  Live performance cannot compare with disembodied, solitary listening via headphones or virtual interaction with multimedia screens that only simulate real music communion.  In live performance, beautiful and sublime music creates a presence that is felt by listeners physically.  Thanks to the body, music is materially experienced, a contact for listeners’ souls to be touched.

The Abelardo auditorium is built for the main purpose of this collective ritual of listening to fine music. It is a structure designed to optimize musical experience.  For schoolyear 2010-2011, Second Semester Season, we continue this tradition for it is in line with the UP College of Music’s mission to educate the best musicians, dancers, composers, and scholars in the country.  We live in a fast postmodern world of instants, but Abelardo Hall Concerts intervenes to offer an alternative sonic experience where one can reflect on the many faces of life through music.

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